Kenus Informatica participates in the EU Project IN3CA, which deploys a multi-channel, patient centred, integrated socio-sanitary care platform. Social services, medical organizations, patients, and private care givers are able to interact with each other through any device capable of running an Internet browser. Serving content from the Cloud allows access anywhere at any time.

INCA has started a pragmatic initial deployment in Europe. For this, five pilot sites are implemented, two in Spain, the others in Cyprus, Latvia and Croatia, with the aim to positively impact more than 125000 users.

The project kick-off took place in Paterna, Spain, with a strong involvement of Spanish public and private entities, i.e.:

  • Ayuntamiento de Quart de Poblet
  • Hospital de Manises
  • Empresa tecnológica IDI EIKON, coordinadora y proveedora tecnológica (Coordinator).

Hence, the event was covert by the official governmental newspaper FondosEurope in its issue number 12, March 2014.

The INCA project, that runs from 01/01/2014 to 30/06/2016, is funded under the 7th call of the ICT Policy Support Programme CIP-ICT-PSP-2013, with a total budget of 5.09M Euros of which 50% is paid as EU contribution.